California Bar Exam: Evidence Outline With California Distinctions Now Available

Hello Everyone,

Evidence Outline With California Distinctions

After many requests, we have decided to make our Evidence Outline (complete with both Federal and California distinctions) available outside of our bar review program. The outline is printed in color and contains all relevant Federal Rules of Evidence with the tested California distinctions. To date, no other bar review course provider has produced an evidence outline that makes note of both the Federal Rules and California Rules of Evidence.

The national bar review companies simply provide the individual state’s evidence rules separately – requiring examinees to combine their own state evidence rules with the Federal Rules. This is not only time consuming, it is also not such an easy task. For example, in California, there is the matter of Proposition 8. This proposition applies only in criminal cases. It changes the application of specific Federal Rules in California criminal cases. BNR’s Evidence Outline provides you with all of the relevant distinctions in one, easily memorizable place.To find out more information or to purchase your own copy, contact Bar None Review at: (949) 891-8831 or via email at: 

Lisa Duncanson

Program Director/Founder
Bar None Review
(213) 529-0990

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