Free California Bar Exam Workshop


Hello Everyone,

We are offering another free bar exam workshop on Wednesday, June 3rd.  The workshop will be held in Orange County and will begin at 6:30 pm.  The workshop covers exam writing – specifically how to write for the California bar examiners and will also address other aspects of successfully preparing for the California bar exam. Attendees will also receive free bar exam writing templates. Space is limited.  If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact us via email at: or at: (949) 891-8831.

Here is what one of our recent attendees had to say about our most recent free workshop:

“I am a repeater. The first and only other time I’ve taken the bar was in July 2007. Now that I’m ready to jump back on the wagon, I was searching for a bar review course that would be tailored to exactly what I need the most help with to pass. I went with Bar/Bri the last time I took it and I was extremely disappointed. They basically throw a bunch of books at you (but which one doesn’t, right?) and expect you to “be a sheep…just follow the herd.” Needless to say, this didn’t work out for me. And I expect that this didn’t work out for many others who were part of the herd since the pass rate was low as usual. So this time around, I shopped around the Internet and came across Bar None Review because it was giving a free workshop. I decided to check it out…and it was the best decision I have made!!!!! Regardless of whether any of us who attended were going to sign up with Bar None, Lisa Duncanson imparted some really valuable study and writing tips in her workshop. I signed up with Bar None because I wanted a study program to fit my work schedule and to help me make the most use of my time and focus on my problem areas. Lisa sat down with me until we came up with a solid review plan. Unlike Bar/Bri where I felt I needed to keep up with the other students and stay in the herd, I now feel like I am getting the specific tools I need to help me through. I recommend Bar None Review to anyone who wants a solid and personalized bar review program. Bar None’s holding another free workshop this Wednesday, 6/3/09, at 6:30 p.m. at their Seal Beach office. I HIGHLYrecommend anyone thinking about trying to pass the CA bar exam to attend this workshop.”