Bar Results – 11 Days Away!

Well, I will never forget my wait for bar results – it seemed to take forever. I was doing pretty well until those final ten days or so (right about where you are now). Suddenly I could no longer sleep, I began to be plagued by visions of having to re-take the exam and I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

There’s nothing you can do but wait (I know, “gee, thanks, that is soooo helpful . . . “). But, you can distract yourself while you wait – – go see a bunch of movies (I highly recommend Dan in Real Life), go to see some live comedy, stay active and stay away from people who constantly say this to you: “Oh, don’t worry, I am sure you passed.” (no one is sure you passed – not even you, and you were the one who actually took the test), try to get some sleep (yeah, right) and just do whatever it takes to not think about it.

Also, try not to make failing seem like the end of the world. Yes, it would really be awful to have to take the bar again. But, it would not be the end of your world. So try to keep it in perspective (easier said than done, but just try).

Hang in there!

Lisa Duncanson
Program Director/Founder
Bar None Review
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