Exam Answers Published in Los Angeles Daily Journal & Law Student Journal

If you are looking for “model answers” to the last bar exam, check out the following publications: The Los Angeles Daily Journal’s Bar Results edition (delivered to all law schools in California) and The Law Student Journal (also delivered to all California law schools). Both publications are free. Each paper provides sample answers written by bar review instructors and course providers. The answers will vary in style, content and issue coverage since each is written by a different author. However, both publications provide a much needed resource for examinees since the California bar examiners typically do not release their selected answers for the July exam until the following December or January.

Lisa Duncanson
Program Director/Founder
Bar None Review


    • Hello Michael,

      In past years, when an examinee’s answer was selected as one of the released answers, that examinee was notified. I am not certain if this is still the case. Also, in the past, it was my understanding that graders nominated exam answers and that a committee determined which answers were chosen for release. However, things change and I am not certain that this is the method by which answers are still selected.

      If I learn anything different or hear anything that is more up to date, I will let you know.


      Lisa Duncanson
      P.S. Thank you for following the blog!